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The joy of coding

Thursday, May 20, 2004

My new favorite editor for coding is ScITE. It supports a ton of languages, code "folding" (collapsing sections of code), nice syntax highlighting, etc. I've even replaced Notepad with ScITE, which means I can view source from IE in ScITE. Firefox's source viewer is already pretty decent, so I guess it doesn't need replacing.

The only drawback I have with ScITE so far is that it doesn't natively support Cold Fusion syntax highlighting (my coding time is spent equally between PHP and Cold Fusion), so I'm still using Dreamweaver for that. It looks relatively easy to add support for a new language, but I'm just going to wait until someone else does it for me.

It would be really cool if someone ported this to Palm, so I could edit a little code in bed or on the couch.

Posted by murt at 12:58 AM


Blogger Zee said...
Editing code on the couch? In bed? You should've been at TODCon. The would've loved you there (considered the meeting of the geeks, which I am one of). :-)
5/20/2004 2:33 AM  

Blogger murt said...
Yeah, I really should take a break now and again! Sometimes the days are so busy with calls, email, etc. that the night is the only time I get to do hardcore coding.
5/20/2004 2:41 AM  

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