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EverNote update

Thursday, December 09, 2004

EverNote, previously reviewed here, has released an updated beta, with fixes and a few new features.

You can now send any note via email by using your default client or using an internal outgoing mail function. You can also print individual notes. You have to select the header of the note for this to work, however; if you are editing a note the print function is not triggered.

Deleted note options have been expanded. As notes are deleted, they are put into the category "Deleted notes." Now you can permanently delete them or undelete them. I have found deletions to not always work consistently, so I'd suggest not deleting things you might want to keep until the application moves out of beta.

Drag and drop of files has been added, so that you can drop in a file from Windows Explorer and a link to the file will be created in EverNote.

A representative from EverNote let me know that they have filed a bug report to Mozilla regarding Firefox's inability to provide the source URL to other applications. This has been noted in regard to other applications, such as Zoot, and it's certainly a current limitation of Firefox and not applications that try to retrieve info from a web clip or drag. As much as I love Firefox, I do hope this bug is resolved so that developers of other applications can retrieve similar info from Firefox as they can from IE.

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