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Zoot GTD templates

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Since someone expressed interest in getting my old GTD templates for Zoot, I thought I would post them here. These are a couple of years old, so my thinking has probably changed some since then, but hopefully these will be useful for ideas.

There are three files in the zip. Gtd-Tasks.zot and Gtd-Mail.zot are intended for use within Zoot's default setup, where every type of item (tasks, mail, contacts, etc.) live in their own database. is an alternate method if you want to have your items all in one database.

2002 Zoot GTD Templates

Posted by murt at 5:23 PM


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Thanks. I have now started to play with ecco too. Free and in some ways has some slick stuff like the notebook tab display that zoot doesn't have. Although Zoot is way more powerful.
12/15/2004 3:04 AM  

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