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Saturday, April 30, 2005

My "band," Splice Factor, which is currently just me and my (very hot and talented) wife, played a short set last night at the tenth Camel City Showcase at The Garage in Winston (impeccably organized by my friend Brent Naylor). We don't play out much and we practice infrequently, but I always want more after a show. The reason is that playing music really is play, and even grimly serious adults need play time.

There is something totally refreshing about having some time when your mind is essentially blank and free from any consideration of productivity, achievement or even what tomorrow may bring. The demands of others and the weight of your commitments melt away. It is temporary freedom.

Performing music is a physical, visceral activity for me. It's essentially a sport, where the mind takes a back seat to the body. There is also something about the fact that it's an "act," in the sense that you are on stage and presenting some kind of persona (and this dimension probably doesn't apply to tennis) - but these mental acrobatics of classifying and deconstructing your activities only take place after the fact. During the moment, it's all about your body and physics, as you hit strings and force air through your vocal cords.

Anyway, whatever your sport may be, never underestimate the value of refreshment and recreation. It's an entirely different world than the tedious and often draining details of knowledge work (or even "non-work" activities like writing). Step away from the computer and go play. It is the weekend, right?

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