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replace "goal" with "intention"

Sunday, November 06, 2005

I've been following Steve Pavlina's thoughts on the intention-manifestation model with interest. Being somewhat of a mystic myself (meaning I believe there is additional truth/reality beyond that which can be proved by the scientific method), his metaphysical ramblings are pretty interesting to me. But from a purely pragmatic perspective, the best thing I've gleaned from his posts (though he doesn't specifically say this) is to replace the word "goal" with "intention."

Thinking back, I can see that goal is simply a weak word for me. It means something to aim for but there is no surprise when I miss. Maybe it's from playing soccer in my youth: you strive to make a goal but you understand that you may not. Looking through my lists of personal goals, I can see that I miss more often than not.

On the other hand, there are certain things that I have simply intended to do, usually without even writing them down. I have accomplished all of these without fail. So, from a purely linguistic standpoint, "I intend" is much stronger than "my goal is" - for me - and stronger words definitely are more likely to spur me to action.


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