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yubnub - command line for the web

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Let me just say that I'm the last person to swoon over every Rails app just because it's a Rails app. Something is either useful or it's not, and the language is less important than the functionality.

That said, is the coolest web gadget I've run across in quite a while. Billed as a social command line for the web, the site is a collection of all sorts of useful commands for interacting with the web. Since anyone can add new commands, kids with less workload than you have already added most of the ones you will want to use.

The simplicity and power of the idea is pretty wonderful. And the best part is that it actually can shave a few milliseconds of time off your most common web tasks, which of course adds up. It's definitely geared toward geeks and those who think in terms of text as opposed to heavy mouse users, but for those who can easily remember shortcut commands, this is fab.

Within a few minutes of discovery, I'd already installed this as my default Firefox search engine.

Posted by murt at 12:08 AM


Blogger Jonathan said...
Hi Murt - glad you like it! It's surprising how useful it is becoming!
1/08/2006 12:14 PM  

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