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Windows utilities roundup

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Here are a few essential utilities I've found for Windows:

  • KatMouse

    This makes the mouse scroll wheel actually scroll in most software. The part I like the best is the ability to scroll any window the mouse pointer is over, even if that window doesn't have focus.

  • File-Ex

    It's hard to remember how much I hated the default Windows file open dialog, because File-Ex replaces that dialog with something so much better. It reopens the dialog to the last folder you were in, provides quick access to your most-used directories, and adds a few other file utilities right in the dialog.

  • HandyFind

    If you love Firefox's "find as you type" feature, and miss it when you have to use Internet Explorer and other apps, you'll like HandyFind.

  • Aid4Mail

    If you've ever had to switch between mail clients on Windows, you know this can be a nightmare (especially if Outlook is part of the equation). Aid4Mail provides easy conversions from a number of popular mail formats and also gives the ability to create standard zipped mbox archives for long-term storage. Operations can be performed on files located on CD/DVD, and there is a filtering/extraction mechanism which can be useful for retrieving select messages off of backup media.

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