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Sunday, April 22, 2007

I'm getting to the point where I am rarely excited about the latest web-based service. Many are only marginally useful and tend to just eat up time. Jott, however, may be an exception. This service lets you call a number and dictate short notes and messages for yourself or others that are then emailed to you. They are also stored on the website, which seems less useful (soon a knowledge worker's day will be characterized by spending 90% of their time logging in to various sites).

So far, I've only goofed around with Jott by calling the number and saying stupid stuff that I send to myself. I call this "testing the transcription accuracy." The accuracy is fairly decent, although a few times it has missed words. It's hard to say if this is something that I will really end up using or just playing with a few times. It's still quicker to jot something down on an index card.

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